Help! I Didn't Get a Download Email

You should receive an email after every purchase, but some mysteriously go missing! If you don't receive a download email, here's hosw to get your download...

Note - depending on what you purchased, your download could be located in one of three places:

1) "A la Carte" PLR packs from the Content Shortcuts Store: Click here to login to your account area using the username and password you chose at checkout. If you checked out as a "guest" please send an email to with your receipt or PayPal email so we can locate your purchase and send a manual download link.

2) A Special PLR Offer from JV Zoo: Sometimes special discount PLR packs are run through JV Zoo, in which case click here to head to the JV Zoo download page. Login with the email you used when you checked out. If you can't find it, send us an email with your receipt/ Paypal email so we can locate your purchase.

3) Content Clubs Monthly Membership Download: If you're a member of one of our monthly memberships (known as "Content Clubs" - either self-help, internet marketing or fitness) then you can click here to login to the member area .

Note - If you have trouble logging into any of the above please try using the "forgotten password" link. And, if you do need our personal support, don't forget to include your receipt details or PayPal transaction so that we can locate your purchase.